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CVS Pharmacy is a popular drugstore chain in the United States. It belongs to the company now called CVS Health Corporation, company composed of various subsidiaries and assets with various specialties. is one of this company’s websites and is dedicated to serving the members of the “MinuteClinic”, one division of CVS Pharmacy, a subsidiary of the larger company CVS Health.

What is CVS Health and My

To be able to understand what, let us first discuss what the company CVS is and also touch on its CVS Health subsidiary.

CVS Pharmacy

The CVS Health corporation is a United States-based retail healthcare or retail pharmacy company that started in 1964 and stemmed out of the company Melville Corporation. CVS stands for “Consumer Value Store” although it is called just CVS now. As of 2016, the company has more than 9600 CVS stores in the United States, which made its subsidiary, CVS Pharmacy the largest pharmacy store chain in the US. Overall, CVS Health is recognized as the 7th largest corporation in the United States according to Fortune 500.

This company has several divisions namely:

  • CVS Pharmacy
  • MinuteClinic
  • CVS Caremark
  • CVS Specialty
  • Drogaria Onofre
  • Longs Drugs
  • Navarro Discount Pharmacies
  • Accordant
  • Coram
  • Omnicare

CVS Health calls its company a “pharmacy innovation company” that aims to help people the on their “path to better health”. The company offers consumer access quality products and also assistance with the costs.

CVS Pharmacy

CVS Pharmacy is a subsidiary of the company CVS Health. As implied, this is a pharmacy chain selling a vast variety of prescription medicines, OTC medicines, and cosmetics. However, CVS Pharmacy stores also sell food and other merchandise. Apart from having physical stores, CVS Pharmacy also sells its products online, through


Apart from the retail pharmacy stores (CVS Pharmacy), CVS also offers retail clinics called MinuteClinics with licensed physicians and nurse practitioners in over 1,100 locations all over the US. MinuteClinics offer health services to patients with minor health problems and also offer diagnostic services, health screenings, chronic condition monitoring, wellness services, and vaccinations.

MinuteClinic is where the comes to play—this is a portal for employees of MinuteClinic and other CVS Health agents. This portal allows the CVS health care agents to enjoy the benefits of their company.

MyHr Login Page is accessed through this website: and requires the employees to sign in with a valid username and a password. While individuals can create an account before signing in, it may be hard for non-employees to create a account since the website requires verification first before access.

myHR Verification

As you can see in the image above, new users are prompted to key in the last digits of their social identification numbers first. The website will verify their identity first and check if they are in the database before they are allowed to sign up and use an account on

myHR Error Message

When the data is incorrect, an error message will be displayed, hence disallowing the individuals to create phony accounts on

Bottom line: only real employees can access content—we’ll discuss more on the benefits of this portal in the next few sections.

CVS Caremark

This segment of CVS Health is the one responsible for helping consumers minimize their expenses whenever shopping for their medications at CVS Pharmacies. According to CVS, the company is working with 5 mail order pharmacies to provide the patients flexible plans to help them afford clinical services and their prescriptions.

CVS Specialty

CVS Specialty is CVS’ subsidiary concerned with helping patients with genetic or chronic diseases. This specialty pharmacy houses medications and treatments that cater to patients with specific diseases. There are currently 24 CVS Specialty pharmacies and 11 specialty mail order pharmacies.

Acquired Companies

Drogaria Onofre, Long Drugs, Navarro Discount Pharmacies, Accordant, Coram, and Omnicare are special subsidiaries of the CVS Health company obtained through various acquisitions through the years.

Here are some facts about these other CVS subsidiaries:

  • Drogaria Onofre was a Brazilian drug chain with 47 stores in 5 US states and key cities of Brazil
  • Longs Drugs was also a pharmacy chain but from Hawaii; it has 40 physical stores all over Hawaii
  • Navarro Discount Pharmacies, apart from being a pharmacy chain, is also a pharmacy benefit manager and a photo service; it has 33 stores and is located in Broward Counties and Miami-Dade
  • Accordant is a care management and rare disease case management service that cater to employers, third-party administrators, and health plans
  • Coram is one of the US’ largest infusion service provider and acquired by CVS in 2015
  • Omnicare was acquired by CVS in 2015 and has its focus on pharmacy services for patients living in assisted living and nursing care facilities Enroll in Benefits: What do members get from the site? benefits for the CVS workers are also available, although the company does not publicly share these benefits online. However, sources state that the company CVS offer the following benefits to their clients:

  • Employees can view their paychecks, check benefits, and access their tax information using the portal
  • CVS employees can also use the portal for education assistance, life insurance, auto or home insurance, transportation benefits, 401K, stock options, health discounts, and others
  • also offers an identity theft protection program
  • Health and wellness
  • Work itinerary/attendance access Phone Number and Other Details

Information about is rather limited, but here are the service numbers that can be used to reach benefits representatives:

myHR Service Center
8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. E.T., Monday through Friday

+1 312-291-5999
Outside the United States.
8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. E.T., Monday through Friday

Apart from those numbers, there is no other way to reach CVS reps for questions and other work-related concerns.

Summary is one of the services of the company CVS Health, one of the largest companies in the US and one of the largest pharmacy store chains in the country. It is under the MinuteClinic program and is a portal exclusively for CVS health workers. Since only CVS workers can access this site, users are prompted to enter the last digits of their social security code and their birthdate for verification. CVS employees are entitled to several benefits from the portal including discounts, payroll information, insurance, and plenty others.

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