Gpharmaplus – Will You Receive What You Order from the Store?

Global Pharmacy Plus has been offering its services on the web for a good fourteen years. They were established in 2004. They have their headquarters in Canada. The medications that they offer are used to treat conditions such as erectile dysfunction, diabetes, addiction to smoking, asthma or COPD, osteoporosis, birth control, acne, eczema/psoriasis, glaucoma, hair loss, and allergies. Gpharmaplus promises you that you will be able to save up to 75% when you shop with them. The price reductions are applicable on both the generic and the brand medications. They use pharmacies located in Asia, Europe, and North America to source their meds.

Gpharmaplus - Will You Receive What You Order from the Store?
Gpharmaplus Homepage

They have managed to serve more than 200,000 customers within the period that they have been in business. In order to ensure that they are maintaining optimum privacy and security for their customers, Gpharmaplus utilizes the highest internet security protocol which is the 256-bit system. This is the same security protocol that banks which offer online banking services utilize. They ensure that their security is functional by testing it on a daily basis using McAfee Secure. This ensures that the payment services that they offer are always secure and protected against security breaches.

Is Global Pharmacy Plus Legitimate?

Before shopping online, it is always important to ensure that you are dealing with a legitimate pharmacy. This will ensure that you are safe. A legal drugstore cannot be identified via the look of their website. Looks can be deceiving. If there is something that will always show the real truth behind any online store, it is the reviews. These will help us prove whether Gpharmaplus is a poser or the real deal.

Gpharmaplus Reviews

The first reviewer says that he generally likes Gpharmaplus. He says that the online vendor is the only broker that he can trust to get him Cialis from a certified pharmacy at a reasonable price. Tony R. says that he is retired and he cannot afford what the local drug companies usually charge for their meds. What Tony does not like is having to send prescriptions every time that he orders his drugs.

HP is happy with the experience that he got while shopping at Gpharmaplus. What he wants are more options to use a normal credit card (CC) rather than having to use a MasterCard (MC). Dave says that he was impressed with how easy it was to order his meds from Gpharmaplus.

The reviews for Gpharmaplus were available on an external website that focuses on collecting business ratings. This means that we can trust the reviews. Often, some scammers will doctor their own reviews on their websites. When the reviews are on an external review site, this is hard. Over 90% of the reviewers who had left their reviews were happy with the services that they had received. This proves that Gpharmaplus may be a legitimate pharmacy.

Global Pharmacy Cialis

If your bedroom life joy has plummeted, erectile dysfunction might be the reason. This is a condition that renders males impotent by taking from them the ability to get and maintain a strong erection. This is a condition that has a solution. Tadalafil or what many people will know as Cialis has been on the market for quite a long time now. The drug has been very useful since once ingested, it will restore male’s ability to get an erection for a period of up to eight hours. The drug will be in your body for a maximum of 36 hours. It is taken about an hour before the sex session. The prices for the drug at Gpharmaplus are as follows:

Gpharmaplus Brand Cialis Price

The price indicated above is for the brand Cialis. If you get 28 pills of the 5 mg pill, you will have to pay $130. This means that a pill will cost you $4.64. When you buy eight pills of the 10 mg pill, you pay $150 which is equivalent to $18.75 per pill. The 20 mg pill costs $20. Considering that a pill of the brand tadalafil is $70 locally, the above prices allow you to save a lot of cash. If you calculate the percentage that you save on the 20 mg pill, it is 71.43%.

Gpharmaplus Generic Cialis Price

The 10 mg pills will cost you $2.75 per pill. The 20 mg pills will cost you $3.75 per pill if you buy the 20 pills package. The price reduces to $3.5 per pill when you increase the number of pills that you buy to 40. This is a great price taking into consideration of the fact that your generic Cialis will produce the same results as the brand Cialis.

Global Pharmacy Phone Number

Reaching out to Global Pharmacy Plus is not hard. They have a contact page in which they have already included all the contact details. According to their contact page, their order processing center is located in Vancouver Canada. Their email address is [email protected], their phone number is +1-855-475-7782 which is toll-free. They have a toll-free fax which is +1-855-475-7787. You can still use a contact form available on their website to contact them quite easily. To use this contact form all you need to do is to fill out your name, your email and your message. Unlike other contact forms which allow you to only send text, the contact form will allow you to attach documents.


Gpharmaplus is an online store that operates from the Canadian soil. The store has been on the web for almost a decade and a half. From the reviews that we were able to find, their customers seem happy regarding the services that they receive from this store. They offer great prices, fast delivery, and they have great customer services according to the reviews. If you are tired of being conned every now and then by scam drug stores which appear to be real, you have to stop using random stores. Instead, start using verified stores. We have the top-rated catalog that we suggest to you. It contains verified stores only.

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