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Canada Drugs: Refill Your Prescriptions Easily and Affordably

Canada Drugs is an online drugstore that operates online but has its headquarters in Winnipeg Canada. The pharmacy started its operation in the year 2001. Since they opened their doors, they claim to have refilled more than 7 million prescription orders through their Canadian Pharmacy and international pharmacy partners. They claim to have refilled all these prescriptions at a discount. They claim that they are dedicated to offering high-quality medications at a price that is affordable to everyone. They source their drugs from Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia.

Canada Drugs: Refill Your Prescriptions Easily and Affordably
Canada Drugs Homepage

They guarantee a 100% free shipping on every order, and the best prices available for the drug anywhere online and offline. This pharmacy offers both prescription products and over the counter products. They claim that any consumer had the chance to place his all her order at any time. Their call centers work every day for 24 hours. Their local pharmacy in Winnipeg is always open between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm on Monday to Friday.

Canada Drugs Online Review

All that we have indicated above is what we found on Canada Drugs’ website. This might be true. But, judging a drugstore based on what they place on their website can be misleading. This is because some pharmacy will lie about everything in order to get you to purchase your drugs from them. The best way that we can determine whether Canada Drugs fulfills its promises is by checking what previous users have to say about them. We were able to locate a large number of consumer feedback for Canada Drugs. The majority of the comments were positive.

Canada Drugs Reviews

Judie E. says that the service that Canada Drugs offers is very friendly and efficient. The prices that they offer in comparison to what is available locally in the USA are very competitive. The medications that she receives from the pharmacy have the best quality. The only negative thing that she has noticed is the fact that she has to wait for a minimum of three weeks before her drugs arrive. The pharmacy customer support staff are very cooperative. Judie says that she uses Canada Drugs for all her expensive prescriptions.

Mary H. says that Canada Drugs is always very friendly, helpful, and efficient. They always answer any questions that the consumer has. She says that the customer never has to wait on the phone. She says that she would recommend them.

Dark T. says that the medications that he receives are always good. He says that his medicines always arrive on time. He appreciates the customer service available at Canada Drugs.

Over 99% of all the consumer comments that we came across were all positive. This shows that Canada Drugs is a legal pharmacy that operates well and always aims at fulfilling the consumer’s needs. The customers claim that they were able to receive their drugs in time and they got exactly what they had ordered. This means that you also have the chance to order and get great medications on time from Canada Drugs.

Canadian Pharmacy Viagra

The prices for Viagra at Canada Drugs were very competitive. They offered both the brand Viagra which originated from Pfizer and also the generic versions that contain sildenafil citrate just like the brand Viagra but they originate from other drug manufacturers.

Viagra is a drug that eliminates impotence. Men who suffer from impotence usually lack the ability to gain an erection that is strong enough to sustain a sex session. When Viagra is taken, it will take about an hour to inhibit the PDE5 hormone which keeps enough blood from flowing to the male sex organ. Once the enzyme is inhibited, the male will gain the ability to achieve and keep an erection for a minimum of four hours and a maximum of 22 hours when sildenafil citrate leaves the body completely. The price for brand Viagra at Canada Drugs is as follows:

Canada Drugs Brand Viagra Price

The highest price for the brand Viagra is for the drug that is manufactured by Pfizer in Canada. It costs $18.51 per pill. The lowest price that is available is $14.70 per tablet which is the price for the product which has its origin in New Zealand. The prices for generic Viagra were even better:

Canada Drugs Generic Viagra Price

The price for generic Viagra is low. The maximum that you pay for a pill is $12.04. The least expensive tablet is worth a mere $8.71. This is great chance to save. The brand Viagra which is the only drug that you will find in the local store will cost you $70 per pill.

Mail Order Prescription Drugs from Canada

Canada Drugs allowed their customers to refill their prescriptions via mail order. To do this, the customer just needs to create a simple account. After that, they will be able to submit their prescription and place a new order. Canada Drugs states very clearly that you will not be able to have your prescription refilled if you do not have a valid prescription. Payment is easy. You only need to use your credit card which keeps you safe because you can dispute your charges if you need to. The drugs will arrive in an average of about 21 days.


Canada Drugs operates out of Winnipeg in Canada. This is a real pharmacy that has a presence online. They will refill your orders they will sell over the counter drugs to you too. To get your prescription refilled you will need to have a valid prescription. They offer better prices than any one of the locally available stores. They have a large number of positive reviews online.

The best stores are not always easy to find. They are usually masked by fake stores that present themselves to you as being real. If you are looking to save over 70% on your meds and not get conned or receive fake meds, check our catalog which contains the best pharmacies that allow people to only pay a maximum of 30% of the money they would pay in local stores.

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