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If you are looking to refill your prescription drugs and at the same time save a lot of cash, it is a good idea to find not only the pharmacy that will offer you the chance to save your money but also a drugstore that will sell you genuine drugs. Canada Drugs is one of these pharmacies. This is a drugstore that opened doors in the year 2001. They have been in operation for over a decade and a half. Over this period of time, they have already managed to refill over 7 million prescriptions. This is not something that can be taken for granted given the fact that even after all those years of being in business and serving millions of customers, people still trust them and there are no major complaints that we found about Canada Drugs while doing our research.

Canada Drugs specializes in providing high-quality prescription meds at a price that anyone can afford. For this simple reason of allowing men and women to get access to their medication without them having to spend a fortune on the drugs, Canada Drugs has managed to rise through the ranks and become one of the highly-reputed stores. They have been among the industry leaders for over a decade. Reviews

Anyone who would like to consider ordering his or her drugs online from a drugstore that he or she has never used again would like to know that it is safe to do so. Although words on the official website are always fluttering, it is not easy to determine who is telling the truth and who is lying. This is where reviews come in. Reading what people who had used the store before you had to say about the experience will allow you to be confident. What did Canadian Drugs’ users have to say?

Canadadrug Review

Laurie begins her review by comparing the amount of money that she pays for her prescription in her hometown in California and what she pays for the same meds at Canada Drugs. A pill that costs her $10 in California is available at Canada Drugs at a price of only $0.67. Without Canada Drugs, she couldn’t have afforded the medication. Whenever there is any problem, she says that Canada Drugs staff usually calls to inform her right away. She recalls that there was one time when her shipment was delayed in customs and Canada Drugs sent another shipment so that she did not have to wait for too long. She says that the service available at Canada drugs is fantastic.

Canada Drugs Testimonial

Canada Drugs Testimonial

LisaMarie bought 90 tablets of a drug known as Synthroid and she only had to pay $50. This is half the price that she usually pays in the local drug stores. She is a very happy customer. She actually thanks, Canada Drugs.

Canada Drugs User Comment

Canada Drugs User Comment

Melanie B. says that the customer service staff at Canada Drugs is extraordinarily helpful and that they answer all her questions around the clock. She reports that Canada Drugs has licensed pharmacists and staff which makes their services even better. Melanie says that their site is easy to use and the communication after placing an order is awesome. She says that she is always aware of when her order is on the way and that the orders don’t take long before they arrive. She says that she will stick with Canada Drugs since it offers great services.

From the comments from Canada Drugs’ users, it is very clear that the drug vendor offers great services, extremely low prices, and also, they deliver their drugs on time. This is enough proof that Canada Drugs is a genuine store. Coupon

For customer’s, having the ability to get a coupon for any particular drugstore before making the purchase is a great Idea because it allows them to save money. After doing our research we discovered that you have the ability to get a coupon for Canada Drugs. Here is the proof:

Canada Drugs Coupon

Canada Drugs Coupon

The above coupon will allow you to save 25% while making your first purchase. This is despite the fact that in comparison with local drug stores, you will have saved a lot of cash on your meds even before you apply the coupon. This shows you that Canada Drugs really cares about their customers. Viagra

Fifty percent of men deal with impotence. This is a condition that keeps them from enjoying intimacy. To solve this, these men will need to use Viagra. Viagra is a medication that contains sildenafil citrate as the active ingredient. Once ingested, it allows enough blood to the male sex organ and hence allowing the man to gain a solid erection. Canada Drugs sells Viagra. The prices for Viagra in this pharmacy are as follows:

Canada Drugs Viagra Price

Canada Drugs Viagra Price

The prices available in Canada Drugs are very low in comparison to what local stores will charge you. Local stores will not allow you to leave their stores with a single pill of Viagra without you having to part with $70. This is a price that is too high for the majority of males who are suffering from Erectile dysfunction. In Canada Drugs, the maximum price is $18.51 while you still have the ability to buy the same brand Viagra at a price of only $14.70 in the same store. This is a good price that the majority of men can afford.


Canada Drugs is a drugstore that has proven that they have the ability to serve their customers. Testimonials that you have just read in this article prove this. They deliver their medicines in time, their medications are genuine, but a bit pricey. The company has been in operation for over 17 years.

Although the price is a huge factor that will determine where you buy your drugs, it is important to note that your health comes first before money. You can pay a cheap price for a drug but then end up with counterfeit drugs and health complications. We are telling you this because we have noticed that fake stores will try to trick patients by offering low prices. In order to avoid scam stores, buy only from a store that has been proven to offer quality meds. The stores that we have in our top-rated catalog will offer you great meds and great services.


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