West Coast Weight Loss Net Review

West Coast Weight Loss Net Review

West Coast Weight Loss Net is a website that claims to offer customers reliable weight loss secrets that are fast and effective and may help melt fat without the need for strenuous dieting and time-consuming or excessive exercise. They claim that their weight loss ideas can help customers with not only the ability to control their weight but a means to improve their overall appearance as well. This website also asserts that their weight loss management system is completely safe and has been tested and shown to be effective based on reasonable scientific principles.

The information on this website is especially of value to individuals who are eager to lose fat and want to achieve their goal very fast. One slogan on the website assures customers that if they try this weight loss program, they can “lose fat at the speed of light”. This weight loss management system is currently in North America, Europe and Australia and individuals who choose to burn excess fat with this program are usually placed on a food management plan involving consumption of minimal carbohydrate, non-starchy and high protein meals.

To get started with the weight loss management plan on West Coast Weight Loss.net, prospective customers are urged to call the office number which is clearly stated at the top right-hand corner and bottom of the home page to book an appointment. They promise patients that they only offer private treatments and that the decision to opt for the program is entirely up to the patient. The weight loss program is customized to meet the needs of the patient and the results are claimed to be immediately noticeable. One may lose up to 1-2 pounds every day depending on several factors including a person’s size, age, body condition and dedication to the weight loss management program.

West Coast Weight Loss System – Find Out How West Coast Weight Loss.net Works

Although there is no detailed information made available on West Coast Weight Loss as regards how the website works to effectively implement its weight loss management plans, it is known that after patients book an appointment by phone call, they are opportune to have a personal session with a weight loss professional who would later be responsible for future follow-ups and would readily answer any possible question a patient may have in mind regarding the program.

The exact job of these weight loss professionals is not stated and it is assumed that as professionals, they would be responsible for assessing a patient’s health to know if this program is suitable, however, the client or patient is at liberty to make the final decision about whether or not this program will fit their needs. It is also important to note that this program can be customized to suit the needs of a patient. An example of such is given on the website’s downloadable ebook shows that if a patient wants to lose only 10 pounds, the program will be customized to suit that patient’s need.

As already mentioned, the weight loss professionals that a patient talks with is responsible follow-ups on a patient’s weight management plan especially when a patient has achieved the desired weight to make the right choices regarding diet and exercise to help maintain the weight. Exercise is not compulsory for West Coast Weight Loss Plans but patients may choose to include exercise as part of their plans to improve the efficiency of the weight loss management plans since it can help increase metabolism and allow the body burn off excess fat.

West Coast Weight Loss Complaints and Reviews

Naturally, customer reviews and complaints are important when it comes to choosing the right weight loss management plan as it may involve spending a lot of money and no one would want to spend cash on a program that may not deliver as you would expect. The website has a few of these customer reviews that may lead one into believing that this website offers the most practical weight loss management plans and that getting started is quite easy since it involves professional guidance, however, there were no reviews available for West Coast Weight Loss on third party websites to prove its efficiency thus, prospective buyers are advised to only search for user reviews from other independent sources to ensure they get only the best of services. A few of these customer reviews are shown in the screenshot below

image2Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Duane Carney, who has used the weight loss management program on West Coast Weight Loss.net comments about the effectiveness and reliability of the program. He claims that in just 21 days, he had lost a total of 23 pounds and that at first, he was not sure if the program will be effective but with the results he observed, He would recommend this program for anyone who desires to lose weight.

Another client who has used this program for weight loss confirmed the claims of the website that clients would be able to lose one to two pounds a day with this program. Holly Reed lost a total of 43 pounds in just 40 days and was completely amazed and satisfied with the results.

Don’t jump to the conclusion about West Coast Weight Loss programs too soon. We didn’t find anything to confirm the reliability of West Coast Weight Loss products/services except for what seller showed on the website.


West Coast Weight Loss is a website for individuals who want quick weight loss management plans with results that are observed within a short period. Customer reviews available on the website portray this website as an efficient way to burn excess fat. There were no negative reviews about this website and it was not stated whether or not the services and weight loss program offered are approved or not, however, since it claims to have qualified weight loss professionals, we have no way to confirm these claims. No independent third-party reviews were found for this provider.

Customers in North America, Europe and Australia have easy access to the services provided by West Coast Weight Loss and it is very easy to start the program by simply booking an appointment with the necessary details on the website and the consultation process is really fast and easy since customers are not forced to make use of the weight loss program – the decision is entirely up to the customer.

There was no fee indicated on the website for the services they offer but user reviews show that it may be cost-effective and safe. It is important for buyers to be cautious when requesting for services online especially those involving weight loss management plans like the one offered by West Coast Weight Loss.net. To ensure the safety of these services as well as to get genuine weight loss products, we have compiled a list of top recommended online pharmacies that prospective buyers can consult.

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