Vaginal Thrush Treatment and Symptoms

Vaginal Thrush is a very common disorder sometimes known by the name vaginal Candidiasis. It is a yeast infection and is caused by Candida albicans. It is microscopic and is a fungus. You find it on the inside of the vagina and on your skin.

It usually shows up as a white discharge coming from the vagina and can discomfort during sexual intercourse. You may experience a severe dryness and some swelling around the vagina.

Most women will experience at least one infection in a lifetime with many experiencing more. The best way to know if you have vaginal thrush is to consult with a doctor. They know the best way to engage in thrush treatment and to rid yourself of this disorder.

How You Can Treat Your Vaginal Thrush

The most common way to treat Vaginal Thrush is through pills and creams. There are oral treatments like Fluconazole and creams to help relieve your itching. There are special applicators for inserting specific creams into the vagina. You also have the option of a suppository that simply dissolves by its self.

Some will argue that taking the Fluconazole is the best way to go because it rids you of the symptoms within a couple of days. This does not mean you are cured however, and the doctors will tell you to continue the treatment for two weeks at the least.

You should be aware that a few STDs can show similar symptoms. You need to get the proper diagnosis before engaging in any kind of treatment. Avoid wearing clothes that fit very tightly or that have synthetic fibers. It is recommended to wear cotton panties.

Who Can Get Thrush And Why?

Actually, men can suffer from Thrush as well but it is far less common. It is caused by the breakdown of natural defenses, sometimes caused by using anti-biotics or steroids. Certain chemicals or irritants can cause a rise in your chances for experiencing Thrush.

Some people have seen some good results from using home remedies. Things like vinegar baths, tea tree oil, and yogurt have proven to work quite well. They help to restore your natural PH balance around the vaginal area.

There is a lot to learn about Vaginal Thrush and you can find out more on sites like yeast infection no more. There is a wealth of information that can help you to make well informed decisions about the proper steps to take.

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