United Pharmacy Reviews: Drugstore That Turned To an Online Pharmacy

United Pharmacy Reviews

United Pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy that operated locally and online. It is based in West Palm Beach, Florida but most of their offers and offers can also be found online. According to their website, a compounding pharmacy is a pharmacy that formulates prescriptions that their customers need. United-rx.com produces custom drugs that are not available in most online pharmacies. These are medicines made by experts and professionals with the use of state of the art technology. The active ingredients they use are medically and legally approved chemicals and the process they are safe and effective. In their own word, United Pharmacy defines Compound Medicines as ‘individualized medicines’ to meet your unique medical needs.

United-rx.com is a family-owned business and the people working behind it are family members. They have licensed health professionals that strive hard to formulate the best medicines for their customers. United Pharmacy has a team of licensed pharmacy technicians and doctors plus knowledgeable and caring customer service members.

Based on their website, United Pharmacy’s e-store started in 2016. To date, the offers of United Pharmacy include:

  • Supplying and making unique dosages of certain medications for individuals
  • Delivering medicines that are hard to come by or unavailable in most e-dispensaries and pharmacies
  • Harm-free and side effects free medicines
  • Drug combinations that are individualized

Among the popular conditions that United Pharmacy caters to are skin irritations, athlete’s foot, muscle cramps, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, sprain and joint breaks, inflamed joints, PMS and menopausal syndrome, mood swings, cramping, night sweats, infertility, endometriosis, fibrocystic breasts, vaginal dryness, osteoporosis, painful sexual intercourse, and sleep disturbances. The medicines they make are available in flavored tablets, liquids, lozenges, capsules, sprays, gels, and creams.

United Pharmacy Reviews

For an online pharmacy that offers unique service and products, we are excited to see the feedbacks that United Pharmacy had from their customers. After searching the internet, we found these customer reviews.

United Pharmacy Customer Review

United Pharmacy Customer Review

Mrs. S of Long Beach wished that there is another branch of United Pharmacy in their area as they offer a medicine she needs. According to Mrs. S., her prescription medicine is hard to find and is not covered by her insurance. She was able to find it once but it took her three weeks before receiving it in the mail. Mrs. S has been ordering this medicine from West Palm Beach. Hopefully, Mrs. S. would learn that United Pharmacy has a website so she can just order it online.

United Pharmacy Reviews

United Pharmacy Reviews

Another review we found was shared by Bonnie G from LA. Bonnie G said he has been returning to United Pharmacy because they always have the medication he needs in stock. He also loves the team that assists him all the time.

For the last review, we found one from Pietra A. from San Francisco. According to Pietra, she had some issues with her order in the past and the manager of United Pharmacy called her and helped her correct the issue. Pietra said that they were able to change her customer service experience with the intervention of Dr. Pham, the manager she talked with.

With these reviews, it is clear that United Pharmacy has a following despite having unconventional medicines on their shelves.

What is United Pharmacy Services and Offers

United Pharmacy is a unique online pharmacy that offers compounding services to their customers. One of their unique offers is to assist children in their medications by avoiding oral medications and giving the, a different solution. Instead of giving a child a pill or tablet that they cannot swallow, United Pharmacy turns these medications to a topical solution. Among the child conditions that they are focusing on are:

  • Attention Deficit Hyperacidity Disorder
  • Diaper rash
  • Fungal infections
  • Autism
  • Anesthesia
  • Head lice
  • Scabies

Aside from producing topical solutions for these conditions, United Pharmacy is also manufacturing medicines in gummy shapes, lollipops, lozenges, rapid-dissolve tablets, solutions, and suspensions.

Aside from medicines for kids, United Pharmacy also offers transdermal pain formulations. Transdermal pain formulations are remedies made of topical solutions. It is applied directly to the affected area only and it penetrates the skin to make it more effective. The difference between transdermal pain formula and the regular pain relief tablet is that it works on the affected area only or where it hurts. Because it is direct, it works faster as compared to common pain relief medications.

United Pharmacy Contact Information

United Pharmacy Contact Information

United Pharmacy Contact Information

If you are interested in the service and products offered by United Pharmacy, you can check their website or call 855 445 4401. You can also reach them via fax at 561 616 9087. They also have a contact us page where you can send your query directly.


The world of medicine is changing fast and there are new medicines being discovered and offered on a regular basis. Having a medicine that is uniquely designed based on your needs is just of the advancement in medicines. With the help of United Pharmacy, you can now perhaps order a medicine that is not too strong, for you to avoid having side effects. This is what United Pharmacy compounding medicine is all about.

United Pharmacy and its compounding medicines are rarely online. What you can usually found online are internet drugstores that offer formulated medicines, the general type of drugs that we also find in our local drugstores. It also looks like United Pharmacy is a legit e-dispensary as they still have their West Palm Beach store operating as of this writing. If you would still prefer those old synthetic medicines that we normally use because they are cheaper, you can still order them online or check our list of recommended online pharmacies. For now, we will just say that United Pharmacy is a store for people with unique medical conditions and consumers with money.

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