Signs and Symptoms Of Hypertension

It is the specialty of hypertension called the high blood pressure disease that it does not shows any complication until it becomes sever. This is why the disease is referred as the silent killer. It is also called just a progressive disease that finally can develop into some of the potentially life threatening and fatal problems like strokes and heart attack. The symptoms of little or uncomplicated hypertension are not usually visible for years and sometime even for decades until they results in severely damaging of some of the organs of the body.

This is why it is very necessary to go through the regular hypertension test in order to detect any change in the blood pressure level. In spite of this there are some common symptoms which can be felt by the person if he/she suffers from the hypertension problems.

These can be
• Blurry vision from the eyes
• Breath shortness
• Dizziness and
• Severe Headache
• Nausea
• Sometime kidney failures as well

These are the symptoms which may also be felt by those who does not have hypertension disease this is why generally no one care for such symptoms and hence get very dangerous problems in future. However if you are aware of it then it is necessary to get the hypertension symptom checkup at regular intervals.

Diet to be taken by hypertension problems

It is the diet of the patients that can change the level of hypertension in the patients. There are several dietary changes that can be very helpful to the hypertension patients.  The very first step which is very crucial to be considered for the hypertension patients is that they should decrease the amount of sodium intake to them. The processed and packed foods are the main source of sodium so they should be avoided from the diet of the hypertension patients. The other important thing is to reducing / limiting / ending the amount of alcohol intake to the patients of hypertension.

The other thing that can play a vital role in the hypertension is the amount of fruit and vegetable intake. Eating for the vegetarian hypertension diet can prevent and as well avoid the development of high blood pressure diseases.

The other things required for the betterment of high blood pressure it is necessary to eat high amount of fiber and the meat of fishes. On eating a reasonable amount of fish meat can prevent the high blood pressure related problems. At the same time it can also cause the weight loss of the person who eats them.

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