Safe Pharmacies: The Challenges of Finding a Reliable Pharmacy Online

Safe Pharmacies

People with chronic pain and erectile dysfunction always find it tiring to obtain a prescription and going back and forth to their local pharmacies to get their medication. Some even have to see their doctor from time to time, as most local drugstores prefer a new prescription every time a customer orders an Rx medicine. Because of the hassle and struggle that consumers experience whenever they needed to refill their prescription, turning to online pharmacies was an easy decision to make. Aside from offering cheap medicines, it is also more convenient for most consumers to wait for their medicines to be delivered at home.

Refilling a prescription from an online pharmacy was easy. Finding an online pharmacy is also easy. Finding a reliable online pharmacy to trust is not. With more than four thousand internet pharmacies to choose from, how would you know that your chosen one is the real one? To add to this dilemma, the FDA said that only 4% of these internet drugstores are real and operating legally.

What do we look for from an online pharmacy?

  • It should deliver real and effective medicine
  • It should mail and deliver the ordered medicines as promised, on the promised date or at least with only a few days delay
  • It should protect your privacy and personal information and won’t sell it to marketing websites
  • It should protect your information especially credit card information to prevent fraud and spam

When Choosing a Safe Pharmacy Online

If you will Google how to find a reliable only pharmacy, you can get hundreds of web result telling you almost the same things. Here are the factors to consider when choosing an internet pharmacy to ensure that it is safe to use:

  • You should look for an online pharmacy with a license to dispense and offer medicines in your area or worldwide. Most internet drugstores are now catering to worldwide customers, check if they have an international license
  • You should choose an online pharmacy that will take care of your medical needs and not just after your money. They should at least ask for a valid prescription if you are in need of an Rx medicine or they should have licensed doctors that can talk to you in case you need to talk to a health professional
  • You should look for an internet drugstore with an approval from health regulatory committees in their country of operation. In the US and in some countries, the VIPPS or Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites is an example as well as the FDA, CIPA, and MIPA. These agencies ensure that each online pharmacy offering medicines online has met the requirements set by the governing health agencies
  • You should look for internet pharmacies that will offer safety and privacy, not only on your ordered medicine (discreet packaging upon delivery) but on your personal information (credit card information, phone number, and email address)
  • Check for pricing, customer reviews or testimonials on their page, third-party reviews, offers, and discounts. Compare at least 2 or 3 websites before picking the best one

Legit Online Pharmacy, Pharmacy Mall

Pharmacy Mall

Pharmacy Mall

When it comes to choosing a safe internet pharmacy, our first intuition is to check Pharmacy Mall. For other alternatives, you can also check the list of online pharmacies that we are recommending.

Pharmacy Mall is a Canadian internet drugstore that started operating online in 2001. They have been selling medicines at a local drugstore, 4 years prior to the establishment of their online store.  The main offers of Pharmacy Mall are generic medicines. Their bestsellers include generic medicines for erectile dysfunction, pain relief, asthma, allergies, arthritis, diabetes, infections, hypertension, heart problems, weight problems, hair loss, and skin care.

The medicines offered by Pharmacy Mall are safe and effective. They dispense drugs that are approved by CIPA, MIPA, and the FDA. This website is protected by a 128-SSL encryption security to ensure that all information provided by their customers are kept safe from scammers and marketing websites. Pharmacy Mall does not practice spamming as well.

Pharmacy Mall Online Pharmacy Reviews

Aside from offering quality and affordable medicines, we chose to recommend Pharmacy Mall as one of the safest online pharmacies today because of the positive reviews they have as well. For 17 years since they started operating, we can say that this internet pharmacy is one of the best in this business. From the reviews that we found for Pharmacy Mall, among the comments are:

From the reviews that we found for Pharmacy Mall, among the comments are:

  • Pharmacy Mall has a pleasing and excellent customer service team
  • Pharmacy Mall has a courteous support team
  • Pharmacy Mall has 100%, satisfied customers
  • Pharmacy Mall has a wide selection of products
  • Pharmacy Mall customers are happy and promised to order again

These customer reviews for Pharmacy Mall show how trustworthy the store is. Because of their good service, reliability, and honesty, most of their customers said that they are willing to order again from this e-dispensary.


In finding a safe pharmacy, it is not enough to just look at a website and check the prices of the medicines they offer. You need to spend more time and do some researches before entrusting your health and money to them. If it is your first time to try ordering medicines online, you can check and use Pharmacy Mall. This is one of the safest and cheapest providers of medicines online. Pharmacy Mall is a 17-year old business that is based in Canada. Medicines offered by Pharmacy Mall are from Canadian pharmacies and Indian pharmacies.

Aside from ensuring that you will be receiving real medicines, you need to evaluate your chosen e-dispensary if they are real. A legit online pharmacy should keep your information safe and protected from spammers. Overall, they should not use your provided information for marketing purposes.

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