Precription Drugs from Canada: Is it Safe to Order Prescription Drugs from Canadian Online Pharmacies?

Precription Drugs from Canada

Officially, it is not legal for US citizens to purchase medicines online, especially prescription medicines. This is true to the general population, not only in the US. However, the increasing prices of prescription drugs leave consumers with no choice but to try the best alternative – refill their prescription from reliable Canadian online pharmacies. For more than a decade now since online pharmacies started to appear on the internet, it looks like ordering from a Canadian online pharmacy is appealing for a common citizen who needs regular medication.

Why medicines sold in Canada are popular and cheaper than medicines sold in the US among other countries and why online consumers prefer them?

  • Prescription medicines are cheaper in Canada
  • Although the US is against the importation of medicines, the FDA is lenient to individuals who are ordering medicines for personal use, allowing consumers to order their medicines from Canada
  • Canada has a universal health care coverage resulting in lower-priced medicines
  • Canada has passed the Improving Access to Affordable Prescription Drugs Act, allowing importation of limited amount of prescription medicines for personal use

The bottom line is, medicines from Canada, whether online or from the border, are cheaper as compared to the prices of medicines anywhere in the world. It is no wonder that most of the cheapest prescription medicines online can be found at a Canadian online pharmacy.

Mail Order Prescription Drugs from Canada: Are They Safe?

For online consumers, their primary concern is about getting safe and effective medicines from online pharmacies. In Canada, Health Canada announced that new medicines in Canada are getting easier approval because they believe that it is important for customers to have access to newer medicines all the time. The downside of fast approval in Canada is that these medicines are not tested rigorously. According to studies, with rigid timelines come possibly missed safety signals.

Most online consumers are purchasing Canadian medicines and are using Canadian online pharmacies because of the availability of medicines they offer. Also, medicines offered by these Canadian e-dispensaries are cheaper. With the lingering question as to the safety of their prescription medicines – we can still say YES.

How can we say that prescription medicines from Canada are safe?

  • Canadian online pharmacies are only shipping FDA approved medicines, generic and branded
  • Canadian online pharmacies are shipping medicines from trusted pharmaceutical companies only
  • Canadian online pharmacies are mostly offering 100% satisfaction guarantee to their customers, it means that if you are not satisfied or happy with the drug you received, you can return it and request a refund

Ordering from Canadian Prescription Drugstore

Most online pharmacies, Canadian, Mexican, Australian, and American – are actually not requiring a prescription when dispensing Rx medicines

Most online pharmacies, Canadian, Mexican, Australian, and American – are actually not requiring a prescription when dispensing Rx medicines. What most internet drugstores are doing is recommending and advising their customers to talk to a doctor before taking any medicine. Online pharmacies understand that the reason why consumers are going online is also to protect their privacy and to lessen the hassle of seeing a doctor for a prescription.

To order a prescription medicine online, you need to know the name of the medicine you need. One of the advantages of using a Canadian online pharmacy to refill your prescription is the list of options to choose from. Say, you need an erectile dysfunction medicine; you can choose from different generic brands of erectile dysfunction medicines instead of confining your choice with branded Viagra, branded Levitra or branded Cialis. You can choose to have Kamagra, Suhagra, Fildena, Aurogra, and Eriacta.

Canadian Pharmacy

Canadian Pharmacy

When ordering a prescription medicine online, aside from the name of the medicine you need, you just have to provide your delivery address and to have your credit card ready. Most online pharmacies are accepting credit card for payment. Some are also accepting Pay Pal, Bitcoin, and money transfer.

Lastly, what you need to order your prescription online is the knowledge when it comes to choosing a reliable online pharmacy. Not all Canadian online pharmacies are real. In fact, not all online pharmacies are real. The FDA has reported more than four thousand internet drugstores operating online but only 4% is considered as genuine. The said 4% are the only ones operating legally.

Canadian Pharmacy Meds from Pharmacy Mall

Pharmacy Mall

Pharmacy Mall

Pharmacy Mall is one of the most popular Canadian online pharmacies that you can check if you are planning to refill your prescription online. This Canadian pharmacy has been operating since 2001. It is a pioneer in the online pharmacy business. It is also one of the longest running online pharmacies.

To order from Pharmacy Mall, you have to search for the medicine you need using the search box or under the category tab. Once you found your medicine, you can click on it and choose the pack you need as well as the dosage. Click on checkout, apply our coupon code if you have one and proceed with the payment. Prior to paying your order, choose whether you will have your order delivered via EMS or Airmail shipping.


Ordering prescription drugs from Canada is not hard. If you cannot find an online pharmacy to use, you can check our list of recommended online pharmacies. You can also check Pharmacy Mall, one of the most popular Canadian online pharmacies on the net today. Pharmacy Mall is one of the longest-running online pharmacies with 17-years of experience. Most of their customers are also happy as seen in their customer reviews.

Among the popular prescription medicines that you can find from different Canadian online pharmacies are erectile dysfunction medicines, pain relief medications, asthma, allergy medicines, weight loss pills, hair loss pills, and diabetic medicines. Canadian pharmacies are also known for providing their customers with low-priced medicines, guaranteed shipping, and freebies.

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