Pharmacy in Canada Online – Are All Canadian Pharmacies Safe to  Use?

Pharmacy in Canada Online – Are All Canadian Pharmacies Safe to  Use

Canada is famous for advocating the sale of cheap generic medicines. Because of this, the country is famous for having lower prices for the same products sold in the United States, hence the shift of the buyer mindset to purchasing medications from Canada instead of the United States.

An Example of a Canadian Pharmacy

Due to the rise of the buyer preference for “Canada-sourced” medicines, most online drugstores are marketing their shops by adding the term “Canada” in their store names or websites. “Buyers may find the shops interesting”, they think, and purchase from them due to their assumed low prices. However, are Canadian shops really helping customers save on their prescription costs?

How do I find a Safe Online Pharmacy in Canada?

Although Canada-based online drugstores are quite famous for their cheap product lines, customers should be aware of the scammers in a reliable Canadian pharmacy guise. Some nefarious website operators simply append their names with the terms “Canada” or “Canadian” to appear interesting but often, these shops actually have nothing to do with Canada. It is quite easy for these operators to use “Canada” as clickbait, given the association of the country with affordable medications.

Knowing this, consumers should be educated in finding reliable online pharmacies to prevent them from spending their money on orders that are bound to never arrive or on counterfeit products.

Buyers should be aware of the following steps in finding a safe Canadian Pharmacy online:

  • Check reviews. One of the easiest ways to evaluate an online drugstore is to look for its existing reviews. Customers, especially nowadays that buyers are well-versed in leveraging the web for their opinions on a product, brand, or service. Reading reviews is helpful in helping buyers determine if a website is reliable or not and will help the other buyers discover other web drugstores to trust when it comes to their medicines. On-site reviews are reliable if they are gathered through a third-party service or if only verified buyers are allowed to post reviews, but most reliable reviews come from independent review sites and forum sites.

One Example of a Third-Party Review Platform

One Example of a Third-Party Review Platform

  • Use domain evaluating platforms. Another way to ensure that a Canadian Pharmacy is reliable is to use domain checking sites to investigate its web address’ security and other details. Often, pharmacy websites (not necessarily the Canadian ones) claim a myriad of things and inflate the truth so customers will be too eager to place their orders on them. To make sure that a website is truthful about its details, buyers can employ the service of sites like Scam Adviser, Legit Script, and Scamner so they can detect a shop’s real age, location, and its security status.

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  • Test a store’s contact details first before buying there. It is necessary to perform various checks first before resolving to purchase at one shop, even if the store is claiming to be a Canadian Pharmacy with low prices for its medications. Find out if a website’s numbers are real or if they are just made up and find time to send the store a message first to gauge its response time before you purchase $100++ worth of meds.

There is not one way of checking if a Canadian Online Pharmacy is legitimate—more often, it is the combination of these three basic steps and instinct that helps the consumers identify if a shop is safe to shop from or not.

Pharmacy Online Canada Review

To learn more about Canada-based online drugstores, we searched for user reviews for the shop and came across a third-party review platform with information for some Canada stores.

Ratings for Several Pharmacy in Canada Online

Ratings for Several Pharmacy in Canada Online

There were 3 mail-order pharmacies that are allegedly based in Canada. Canada Pharmacy had the highest overall score from the consumers. According to the scoreboard, this platform had 8.6 out of 10 points from its buyers.

The other online pharmacy, Canada Pharmacy 24h had 7.7 out of 10 points, while the other platform, Canada Pharmacy Online, was given an average score of 6.1 points out of 10.

Below are more detailed reviews for one Canada drugstore:

Reviews for One Canada Drugstore

Reviews for One Canada Drugstore

One user named Jeri recently published his review for one Canada drugstore. According to him, though his meds’ trip took some time, he was able to save “a ton of money” using the online drugstore. He also appreciated that the Canada shop took the time to reply (unlike the other stores) and therefore resolved to order from the store again. He gave the shop 5 points out of 5.

Ginny, another recent reviewer for the same shop gave the store 5 out of 5 points for its service. She appreciated the store’s timely delivery and mentioned that she had no hassle ordering from the store.

All in all, the stores had good reception from the consumers, although it can’t be helped that some of them have received negativity from some consumers. This only reinforces the importance of research before purchasing from an online pharmacy, Canadian or not.

Online Pharmacy in Canada Cialis and other ED Drug Prices

Canadian online pharmacies are famous for their low prices, especially for their impotence treatments. It is not known why customers are drawn to erectile dysfunction drugs, but since this is the case, Canadian pharmacies learned to offer good deals for their ED medications.

Online Pills, a Canadian Pharmacy

Online Pills, a Canadian Pharmacy

Here are some of the prices for the ED drugs at one Canada drugstore:

  • Generic Viagra 100 mg (Suhagra from Cipla): $0.53 per tablet
  • Canada Generic Viagra 50 mg: $3.44 per tablet
  • Viagra (Pfizer) 100 mg from Turkey: $9.27 per tablet
  • Viagra (Pfizer) 100 mg from New Zealand: $8.31 per tablet
  • Cialis (Eli Lilly) 20 mg from Turkey: $13.91 per tablet
  • Cialis (Eli Lilly) 20 mg from Canada: $28.13 per tablet

These prices are utterly cheaper than the local pharmacy prices for the same products.


Canadian Pharmacies are known for their low prices especially for special medicines. However, not all online pharmacies appended with the “Canada” term are reliable, which makes it difficult for the consumers to weed out the bad stores from the benign ones. To be sure you’re dealing with a good shop, make sure to research a shop first or just use our curated list of Top Online Drugstores for the present year.

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