Online Rx: Get Well Without Spending A Fortune on Medication

Online Rx

An online pharmacy that started in 2997, Online Rx officially became an internet drugstore in 2001. As a local pharmacy, the owners of this e-store realized that it is best for them to invade the online market in order to reach and help more customers. The mission of Online Rx is to provide low-cost generic and branded medicines to their patrons worldwide.

Online Rx is an e-dispensary that offers different brands of erectile dysfunction medicines. They also have a long list of medications when it comes to pain relief, hair loss, weight loss, and allergies. Online Rx also offers medicines for fungal infection, viral infection, anxiety, asthma, blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression, diabetes, and gastrointestinal problems.

At Online Rx, you can also find herbal medicines, sleeping pills, skin care products, and women’s health products. When it comes to their bestsellers, they have the following:

  • Clomid at $0.44 per tablet
  • Generic Viagra at $0.27 per tablet
  • Generic Cialis at $0.68 per tablet
  • Doxycycline at $0.30 per tablet
  • Propecia at $0.51 per pill
  • Generic Levitra at $1 per tablet
  • Amoxil at $0.39 per tablet
  • Zithromax at $0.40 per tablet
  • Nolvadex at $0.52 per tablet
  • Cytotec at $1.70 per pill
  • Xenical at $0.79 per pill
  • Antabuse at $0.43 per pill
  • Metformin at $0.26 per tablet

Online Rx accepts credit card for payment. They also ship orders in two different ways, thru Airmail and EMS shipping. All orders are packed discreetly. Airmail shipping takes up to 21 days for the delivery to be completed while EMS Shipping takes up to 8 days. The cost of shipping depends on the destination country. If you want to save on shipping, order medicines that is worth $200 and have your order delivered free of charge.

Online Rx Reviews

For 17 years, Online Rx has been delivering and making things possible for their customers by providing excellent products in a timely manner. As an online buyer, we assume that an online business won’t last if they are not going to provide quality service. In an effort to check our assumption, we searched for customer reviews for Online Rx and here are the things that we found.

Online Rx Reviews

Online Rx Reviews

Online Rx has a lot of customer reviews, most are positive. This is not a surprise since they are one of the longest running online pharmacies on the web today. For the positive reviews, we can say that it is expected because if they have negative reviews, then they won’t last that long!

Among the customer feedbacks, we found for Online Rx say that:

  • Online Rx has fast and guaranteed delivery
  • Online Rx customers are always left 100% satisfied
  • Online Rx has a reliable and helpful customer service team
  • Online Rx has a long list of available medicines
  • Online Rx products are of good quality
  • Online Rx medicines are very affordable as compared to its competitors
  • Online Rx can deliver medicines to France without custom issues
  • Online Rx is what an ordinary person needs – a store that offers cheap and reliable medicines

With so many positive feedback to back up their claim when it comes to reliability and being trustworthy, it is clear that if you want to get better without losing an arm and a leg, try Online Rx.

Online Rx Coupon Codes

Despite most online pharmacies releasing coupon codes for their customers to enjoy, Online Rx is not using this perk to seduce new customers and keep old ones. What Online Rx uses are perks that most customers can enjoy, without spending their time looking for a coupon code to use.

Among the perks that Online Rx offers are free pills on all orders, low priced medicines, and free shipping on orders above $200. For their free pills, they offer two tablets of Cialis, Viagra or Levitra, depending on your choice. You can choose your free pills from the checkout page.

Online Rx Contact Information

Online Rx Contact Information

Online Rx Contact Information

If you have issues or concerns regarding your order or the product that Online Rx offers, you can contact them directly by calling 718 487 9792 or 4420 3239 7092. This online pharmacy can be reached as well via their ‘contact us’ page.

On the contact page, just give your name and email address along with your issue. They will reply to the email address you provided. According to their page, at least expect 24 hours for their response.


Ordering a medicine from an online drugstore can be convenient and practical (because they offer cheaper medicines) yet it comes with risks too. If you are going to order online, make sure to use a reliable and legal online pharmacy. If you don’t have a store to use yet, you can check our list of recommended online pharmacies. Online Rx is one of them.

Why choose Online Rx? Among the reasons we are seeing as to why Online Rx is a hit among consumers are:

  • They offer low-priced medicines such as the cheapest generic Viagra and cheapest generic Cialis on the web
  • They have different brands of a certain medicine. For example, they have at least 20 different brands of erectile dysfunction drugs
  • They offer a wide range of medication. They are not limited to ED drugs and pain relief, they also offer commonly used drugs such as contraceptives, weight loss pills, sleeping pills, hair loss pills, antiviral and antibacterial drugs
  • They have guaranteed shipping and customer satisfaction guarantee
  • They have awesome customer reviews
  • They have the experience (17 years of experience in the online pharmacy business)

Because of these, it is no surprise that Online Rx remains to be one of the most used Canadian online pharmacies on the web today.

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