Mexican Pharmacy Reviews: Is it Safe to Use a Mexican Online Pharmacy?

Mexican Pharmacy Reviews

Ordering from a Mexican online pharmacy is something that consumers, not only Mexicans are practicing, but as well as people from the US and around the world. According to a US study, Americans used to cross the Mexican border just to get their hands on Mexican drugs. One of the reasons is that Mexican drugstores have more relax law when it comes to dispensing a prescription medicine. With the easy access to prescription medicines, what are the other reasons why consumers prefer to order their medicines from Mexican pharmacies?

For so many decades, Americans and Canadians are enjoying the low-priced medicines offered by Mexican drugstores. Since they are selling prescription drugs without asking for a prescription, those who are on the verge of addiction are also learning the trade of getting their medications from this country. When online pharmacies became a business, Mexican pharmacies joined, giving more access to people outside of Mexico to access their prescription medicines without crossing a border. Another study also revealed how doctors in Mexico write a prescription so customers can travel back to the border with their purchased medicines. To apply in on the internet, Mexican online pharmacies offer web consultation where consumers will answer a survey questionnaire before they can get the medicine they need.

Aside from pricing and convenience, is it safe to purchase medicine from Mexico and from Mexican online pharmacies? The answer is yes!

  • Mexican drugstores and online pharmacies also offer medicines approved by their health regulating agency
  • Mexican drugstores and online pharmacies also are governed by local authorities, to ensure that they are only selling legit and quality medicines
  • Mexican drugstores and online pharmacies also are offering medicines that are commonly used such as antibiotics and analgesics produced by known manufacturers around the world

Online Mexican Pharmacy to Check: MedsMex Reviews

When we say Mexican pharmacies online, it is not limited to drugstores operating in Mexico. It also pertains to online pharmacies that claim to be operating from Mexico and online pharmacies that are offering Mexican produced medicines. One of the Mexican internet drugstores worth checking is

Meds Mex, a Mexican Online Pharmacy

Meds Mex, a Mexican Online Pharmacy is an online pharmacy operating from Mexico. It started as a licensed local drugstore in the country. They started operating in 1999 and joined the internet market when the hype for online pharmacies started in the early 2000s.

MedsMex Review

MedsMex Review is a registered online pharmacy with a license to dispense generic and branded medicines locally and abroad. In their website, they claim that their medicines are up to 90% cheaper as compared to medicines sold in the US.  According to a customer review we found, this Mexican online pharmacy delivered in 10 days. It looks like the customer was an American whose main problem is the expensive American medicines. He gave MedsMex a rating of 5.

MedsMex Review (https://www

MedsMex Review (

Another 5-star review for MedsMex revealed how this e-store delivered an order in 2-week time. The customer also praised the store for its amazing service and how he was updated constantly, from placing his order until he received it.

Among the medicines offered by are:

  • Lipitor for $243.02 for a pack of 40 tabs
  • Elidel Cream for $67.66 for a 15g pack
  • Flomax for $81.83 for a pack of 20
  • Minipress Prazosin for $22.25 for a pack of 30
  • Polymox Amoxicillin for $39.29 for a pack of 30

For more information about offers, you can dial 1800 381 8589 from 9 in the morning until 6 in the evening, during weekdays. also offer promotions from time to time. Check their website and their Facebook page for a chance to take advantage of their promotions.

Is It Legal to Order from Online Mexican Pharmacies

Indeed it is legal to order from Online Mexican pharmacies whether from their local drugstores or thru different Mexican online pharmacies. There is no law that says you cannot order from them. The real question is if it is safe to order from Mexican online pharmacies!

Ordering from any Mexican online pharmacies has its risks and advantages too. It is like ordering from say, Canadian or a US internet drugstore. There are risks of being scammed, of getting counterfeit or substandard medicines, and the risks of becoming a victim of fraud.

Before ordering from a Mexican drugstore, we recommend that you check the following:

  • The experience of the e-store in the online pharmacy business
  • The customer reviews of the said Mexican e-store
  • Check the partner manufacturers of the said Mexican e-store
  • Check VIPPS or Pharmacy Checker
  • Check for logos of health regulating companies such as the FDA

Mexican Pharmacies or Canadian Pharmacies?

Ordering or refilling a prescription online has gotten easier and faster. Today, if you have an internet connection, the name of the medicine you need or a prescription, and a credit card, you can easily get your medicine and have it delivered at your doorstep. There are now Mexican, Canadian, Indian, and American online pharmacies to choose from. Which one is better though?

In reality, there is no difference between Mexican and Canadian online pharmacies. Despite claiming that they are operating from the said countries, most medicines they offer are actually from other countries such as India and Asia. Canadian and Mexican pharmacies are offering generic drugs from India because these are cheaper and easier to purchase and deliver. When it comes to who will you trust it boils down to finding the legit Canadian or Mexican online drugstore.

With thousands of online drugstore internet pharmacies operating on the World Wide Web today, choosing the legit one is more important than comparing a Canadian or Mexican based online pharmacy.



If you are looking for a legit online pharmacy to trust hence you are looking at a list of Mexican pharmacies, you can also consider our list of recommended internet drugstores. Always make sure to deal with legal online pharmacies to avoid being scammed. Do not trust pharmacies that offer very cheap medicines. Also check their credentials such as background, years of service, customer reviews, and partner manufacturers. If you are not familiar with an online pharmacy website that you came across with, move on to a new one or use Google to find customer testimonials.

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