International Drug Mart Reviews: A Decent Online Pharmacy to Try

International Drug Mart Reviews

International Drug Mart started operating in 2003. It is an international online pharmacy that serves more than 150 countries.

International Drug Mart has facilities in India and Singapore. It is commonly referred to as IDM, its initials. They offer Rx medicines and dispenses it without asking questions. They do not require a prescription when dispensing Rx drugs.

The main office of IDM is in Nicosia, Cyprus. According to their website, they are receiving more than 45,000 orders every month, a feat that their two facilities easily complete. They accept payment via credit card and they have bank partners in the countries of France, China, Iceland, and Finland.

Since 2003, IDM has been working hard in ensuring that their partners offer low-cost medicines so they can sell it at the lowest price possible as well. Their partner pharmaceutical companies include Wyeth, Merck, Pfizer, GSK, Ranbaxy, Dr. Reddy’s, Piramal, Cipla, Lilly, Novartis, and Nicholas. IDM claims that their prices are much cheaper as compared to Canadian online pharmacies.

Why choose IDM? According to IDM, here are the reasons why you should shop at this e-store:

  • They offer medicines with trusted quality at a very low price
  • You can save up to 90% on your meds with IDM
  • They offer free shipping worldwide
  • They have a clear and 360-degree view of their products
  • No hidden cost upon checkout
  • They offer rewards to their returning and loyal customers
  • All medicines offer by IDM are of high quality

Top Drug Mart Reviews

Finding an internet website to use when all we want is cheaper medicine can be a challenge. We need to make sure that we will be dealing with a legit online pharmacy. How would you know if your choice of online pharmacy is correct? Read customer reviews!

Drug Mart Reviews

Drug Mart Reviews

When it comes to customer reviews, IDM is not lacking. They have a lot of testimonials and we checked out some of them.

The first review we found was shared by Joe from the US. Joe said that his order arrived on time and that he was satisfied with the customer service. Joe gave IDM an A+ rating.

A review from Kevin from the US and his sentiments were the same. His order arrived on time. As for Tonya Simmons, another US citizen, she said that she trusted IDM because of their real products. She added that she appreciated the detailed information about each medicine. This is helpful to people who are not sure about the medicines prescribed to them by their doctors.

We also checked from other sources and we found these reviews from Durg Mart customers. We found two 1-star reviews for this online pharmacy. John and Colette are not happy with the way their billing information was being handled by IDM, resulting in a cancellation of the order and moving to a new internet drugstore.

International Drug Mart Complaints

International Drug Mart Complaints

From this information we got, it seems like IDM is okay as an online pharmacy but they have to work on some of their policies to make more happy customers.

International Drug Mart Shipping Time

One of the issues we face when ordering online is the delivery time. Some e-store says that they will deliver in 3 days yet delays can add more to your days of waiting. Some even say they are unable to deliver in your country because of your local laws. Do not become a victim of these people or stores.

At IDM, you can expect your order to arrive as promised. The free shipping they advertise is for all orders above $110. Delivery of item can take up to 10 days. Their partners are DHL, USPS, and EMS. IDM says they deliver worldwide with these courier partners.

For orders below $110, there is a shipping fee associated with it. Orders that cost up to $69 have a shipping fee of $12.99 and orders up to $108 has a shipping fee of $9.99.

International Drug Mart Phone Number

The first and most convenient way of contacting International Drug Mart is via their ‘contact us’ page. Their contact us page will ask for your information such as name, email and phone number where they can contact you in case they need to.

The second option is to send them an email at [email protected] You can also reach out by sending them a letter to their address. Their main address is TDP Healthcare Logistic Limited, Strovolou, 77, Strovolos Center, 2nd Floor, Strovolos, Nicosia, P.C., Cyprus.

Drug Mart Contact Information

Drug Mart Contact Information

If you have an option to call, you can contact them at 866-419-7475 or 888-726-8418. If you are looking at their website and you have a pressing question that needs an instant answer, you can click on their live help and a chat support representative will take care of your concerns.


IDM is an internet drugstore that caters to everyone’s need for cheap and affordable medication. They cater to more than 150 countries. Their services offered include pharmacy products, child care products, cold and flu treatment, vitamins, skin care products, herbal and natural products, and diet and fitness among others.

They offer fast and free shipping if you met the required amount of purchase which is $110. They also offer instant $10 credit to first-time customers. In addition, their lowest priced medicines will surely help you save more in your medication.

As an online buyer, we love seeing good reviews when checking a certain store. International Drug Mart is good but not ideal as it has some flaws to work on in the area of optimizing its billing system. If you are looking for an online pharmacy to try, IDM is a good option. If you are not satisfied with what they offer, you can still check other online pharmacies on the web. You can also check our list of recommended online pharmacies.

Always check 2-3 online pharmacies to determine which one is best in terms of pricing and offers. Comparing at least three websites will give you an idea as well as to which one is legit and which one is not. Invest a few hours in research to avoid becoming a victim of scamming online pharmacies.

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