How to Prevent from Dry lips on Daily basis

Lips are one of the most sensitive parts of human body. A thin layer of skin acts as their outermost and basic covering parts, which have few oil glands.

Lips tend to get dry in the humid weather. Dry skin is not really a very big serious problem, it can be taken into considerations, dry lips is normally caused because of deficiency of vitamin B2, dehydrations or lack of vitamin C, in the body, some people do associate dry lips with lack of calcium deficiency also there  are many pages about dry lips and its causes everyone one holds different issues related to dry lips, everybody pattern is different, taking nutrition on timely basis can also be considered a basic cause of dry lips, but there is huge difference between dry lips and chapped lips. A lip which not only gets dry but have crack on it which is very painful is known as sign of chapped lips. It becomes difficult for recover crack as it is again another form of nature, as it more difficult to talk when there is crack on lips.

Lack of moisture in air, cold winter can also cause dry lips and its causes are different all the time. This can further be easily resolved by thrice the applications of petroleum jelly which have vitamin E can be helpful to heal the dry lips and its causes jelly with vitamin E seals the pores of the lips, trapping and sealing in the moisture so that it can recover as soon as possible because if taken dry lips not taken seriously then this can cause bleeding as well.

This is further true if accompanied by a dry mouth, which can be more painful and uncomfortable. A person going through these prone issues can see dryness, redness, hard lips and swelling as well. While talking and smiling this may produce grimace on one’s face because of the pain. Cause of dry lips, chapped lips can take away charm and softness of one’s lips, another cause in girls can be being frequent facials, because of constant steam as well the it can lead to dryness of lips, lips most tend to lose it moisture in winter season, and in humid weather because of dehydration., cracked lips cause by too much exposure to sun may lead to a condition called as actinic cheilitis. This condition may lead to cancer as well.

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