Equine Megastore: Pet Medication Without Prescription

Equine Megastore

Equine Megastore is an online source of pet medications that is located in Australia. Animals whose drugs are sold at the pharmacy include horses, dogs, cats, and dogs, among others and the quality of the drugs is guaranteed. You will not be required to have a prescription to buy drugs from this pharmacy as the Australian Jurisdiction laws classify all medications as over-the-counter.

Drugs sold at equine-mega-store.com are sourced from reputable manufacturers and you can, therefore, be assured of the drugs effective in treating the various pet complications. If you purchase a product and you are not satisfied with it, you will return it before the expiry of thirty days and you will receive a refund of the total value of the drug after deducting the shipping fees. You, however, have to ensure that the drugs are in the same condition you received them from the pharmacy.

Equine-mega-store.com has put their customers first and to prove this, they have a functional customer service where you will be able to reach the pharmacy at any time. They have provided a toll-free telephone number which will be used to contact them. There is also an email address and a mail number through which you can contact the pharmacy and the response will be sent back within the shortest possible time.

Since the drugs are sourced from many manufacturers, it is almost impossible to miss any pet medication. There will be no delay in orders as the drugs are already in the store, unless the payment is delayed. The customer service staffs have been trained to ensure that they will be able to hand any issue arising from their interaction with customers.

Equine Megastore Reviews

Customers who have purchased from Equine Megastore are grateful because of the quality of the services offered. Nick Marchuk from Minnesota, USA says that he is glad that his order took only five days to get to him. The price of the medication was quite affordable and he was able to save $100 from the price he would have paid for the drugs at a local pet store. Susan who is also a resident of the United States also says that she was happy to pay less for her pet medication. The drugs have the same chemical composition as the drugs sold at local pharmacies and therefore worked in the same way.

Brenda Parker says she was delighted to receive her order after only six days. She is also grateful to the customer service staff at the store because of how her order was handled. Kristen Jonson has ordered pet medication from Equine Megastore twice and she has not been disappointed. The drugs are of good quality and the prices are also affordable. The duration of shipping the drugs is also short, unlike other pet stores that will take a long time to have the medications delivered even when the store is located within the United States. She recommends the store to anyone who owns a pet and says that she will definitely be placing an order with the pharmacy again.

Below are reviews from customers who have bought pet medications from Equine Megastore:

Equine Megastore Customer Reviews

Equine Megastore Customer Reviews

Pets Megastore Revolution

Unlike other online pet shops where you have to open an account so that you can begin the process of ordering, at Equine Megastore you will select all the drugs you wish to purchase first and when you are done, you can open an account. This will ensure that you will not have to waste a lot of time opening an account before finding the drugs.

When you open the store’s homepage, you will enter the name of the drugs in the search box at the left side of the page and click go. You will be able to see the available revolution packs and a brief description of each. This will include info on how to use the drug, the weight of the cats that should take each pack, and the condition under which the medication will be used. You will also be able to see the price for each pack.

If you wish to continue with the purchase, you will fill in the quantity of the medication you wish to purchase and add it to your cart, then click the check out button.

You will then be required to fill in the freight method you wish to have the drugs delivered through and the region you reside in. You will also provide the details of the payment method that will be used and once the payment is successfully processed, the order will immediately be shipped to you.

A brief description of Revolution for cats medication

A brief description of Revolution for cats medication

Comfortis Without Vet Prescription Australia

Comfortis is a dog medication that is used in killing fleas and preventing fleas infestation. Once the chewable beef flavored tablets are administered, they will remain effective for one month where the dog will be free from fleas infestation.

This medication is sold at an affordable price and you will be able to purchase it by following the simple procedure at the store’s website. You will not be required to have a prescription to buy the drug as the Australian law has placed the medication under the over-the-counter classification. The drug is packaged according to the weight of the dogs and all you need to know before you can place your order is how much your dog weighs.

Photo of Comfortis dog medication

Photo of Comfortis dog medication


Equine Megastore is a reliable pet shop where you will be able to buy medications without a prescription. All you have to do it to access the store’s website and you will be able to make the purchase and have the drugs delivered within the shortest time possible. From the reviews sent in by customers, the delivery of drugs from the pharmacy is quite fast. You have to always watch out when buying drugs from online stores to avoid buying fake medication or losing your money through cyber criminals. You can access our list of Top Online Pharmacies where you will select one of the listed verified pharmacies to buy your medications from.

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