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Canada Drug is an online pharmacy that was established in 2001 and has since then offered pharmaceutical services to both the residents of Canada and their international clients as well. The pharmacy is dedicated to providing high-quality medication at affordable prices to ensure that those who do not have insurance covers to help in paying for their medication, or those who cannot afford to pay for an insurance cover due to unemployment are able to afford their medication.

The quality of the drugs sold at Canada Drug is uncompromised as it is sourced from reputable manufacturers who for decades have produced highly effective medication. The manufacturers are located in Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, among other countries. The pharmacy will go out of its way to ensure that the drugs are bought at low prices so that their customers will also be able to purchase the drugs at low prices compared to what the local pharmacies are selling.

You will be able to contact Canada Drug at any time and have your concerns addressed by professionals at the pharmacy. Any questions regarding drug interactions, how to use the drugs, or any concern you may have regarding your health will be addressed to the best of their ability and where an issue is beyond them, you will be advised on the best cause of action.

Photo of Canadadrugs homepage Reviews

Customers who have purchased drugs from Canada Drug have testified of the effectiveness of the drugs and are also glad about the services offered at the pharmacy. Bill C is one of the customers and he says that for the many times he has ordered from the pharmacy, he has never been disappointed. The prices are commendable too according to this customer. Judie E is another customer who has purchased drugs from the pharmacy and she says the staffs at the pharmacy are very friendly and efficient as well. She says the prices of drugs at the pharmacy are quite low compared to the prices of drugs at the US-based pharmacies. The only downside when dealing with the pharmacy is the long duration that one has to wait before the drugs are delivered which can be as long as three weeks. Judie is glad that the pharmacy is always willing to send more drugs than what is recommended if you have to travel for more than three months if arrangements are made on time.

Darko T has nothing but positive reviews for Canada Drugs and he says that his drugs always arrive on time. He is quite appreciative of the quality of the customer service as the staffs are always friendly, ready to help and efficient in what they do. Even when one wants to speak to the customer service on phone; you do not have to wait for long before the call is picked.

Below is a screenshot of reviews from customers who have bought drugs from Canada Drug:

Canadadrugs Customer reviews

Canadadrugs Customer reviews

From the above reviews, it is evident that Canadadrugs is an efficient online pharmacy and will deliver the drugs ordered on time. The prices as also cheap compared to the prices of similar drugs at local pharmacies. You can, therefore trust them to deliver original medication that will cure your health complication. Coupons

Below are some of the discount coupons offered by Canada Drugs to customers who purchase from them:

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Photo of coupons will offer a 5% discount to customers who refer another client to buy from the pharmacy. If an existing client refers another person to the pharmacy and he buys some medication, he will be offered a discount on his next purchase.

Another coupon will be issued to customers who like the Canada Drug facebook page and share the page on his facebook page. If a customer does this, he will stand a chance to win $50; if you win, you will not require a code as the money will be credited to your account with the pharmacy.

To get updates on the latest discounts at Canada Drug, you should sign up to start receiving emails from the pharmacy. This will enable you to always be in the know and take buy the drugs before the offer expires. If you do not wish to receive emails, you can keep checking the pharmacy’s website as the offers will be updated as soon as they are effected.

Is Canada Drugs Online Pharmacy Legit?

Canada Drug online pharmacy is a legitimate pharmacy that has been verified by the regulatory bodies that control the operation of online pharmacies. The pharmacy follows all the laid down procedures in its operations and you can, therefore, be assured that your transactions with the pharmacy are legit.

Canada Drug store sources its drugs from well known pharmaceutical companies and does not sell illegal drugs. Customers who have transacted with the pharmacy have testified that the pharmacy is not a scam and will deliver what has been ordered.

When you submit your details to the pharmacy during payment, you will not be afraid that the information will be shared with third parties as measures have been put in place to ensure that this does not happen. With all these measures in place, you can be assured that the pharmacy is legitimate and will not put your health at risk by dispensing fake or expired medication to you.


Canadadrugs is a trusted source of drugs that has a passion for customer satisfaction and quality delivery of services. They will ensure that customers get the drugs they ordered for within the agreed time and if an issue arises in the process, the customer service team is always ready to handle them and ensure that their customers get value for their money. The prices of drugs at the pharmacy are also cheap compared to online pharmacies and customers buying from them will save much from the cost of their medication. You should always be careful when making orders from online pharmacies so that you do not fall into the traps set by operators of rogue online pharmacies. Verify any online pharmacy before you trust them with your medication. If you need advice on the choice of a legitimate pharmacy, you can check out our list of Top Online Pharmacies and choose one of the pharmacies to buy drugs from.

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