Canada Pharmacy Reviews: A Trusted Online Pharmacy

Canada Pharmacy Reviews

Canada Pharmacy is a reliable source of both Canadian brand and generic medication and drugs sourced from other international manufacturers as well. has been in operation for the past ten years where it has ensured that customers who cannot afford to have an insurance cover or those that consume drugs that are not covered by an insurance cover get access to high-quality medication at cheap prices. You will be able to get both over-the-counter and prescription medication and enjoy great savings on the cost of medication.

Canada Pharmacy is located in Surrey, British Columbia Canada where all orders sent to the pharmacy are sent and dispatching is done. The manufacturers who supply Canada Drug with medication are located in Turkey, the UK, Australia, and Mauritius, among others. These drugs have gone through rigorous testing by the international health bodies that regulate the drugs that get in the market and have been certified as safe for use and effective as well. is regulated by the College of Pharmacists which ensures that every drug dispensed meets international standard. In case of any issue with the medications supplied by the pharmacy, the regulator’s contact number has been provided on the pharmacy’s website.

The customer service team at the pharmacy speaks multiple languages to ensure that every customer who seeks to speak with a representative of the pharmacy is not turned away due to a language barrier. You can be assured that the drugs you will receive from the pharmacy are legit as the pharmacy has also been certified by CIPA, Pharmacy Checker, and has security metrics in place to ensure that the credit card details and any other personal information passed on to them is safe and cannot be accessed by third parties.

Customers who have purchased from the pharmacy are happy with the quality of drugs sold and the price of the drugs as well. Louis B from the United States says that she has never experienced any problem with the pharmacy since she started buying from them. She says that the customer service team is always polite and ready to help whenever called upon to verify any issue. Natasha is another client who has bought drugs from the pharmacy and she says that the services at always good and the customer representatives are always polite and ready to help. Her only wish is that the pharmacy would provide the option of expedited shipping.

The most outstanding issue in these reviews is that the customer service team at the pharmacy is quite commendable and always ready to help whenever an issue arises in the course of transacting with the pharmacy. Some customers also regret that they have to wait for a long time for the drugs to get to them.

Below are some of the reviews from customers who have bought drugs from Canada Pharmacy:

Canada Drugs customer reviews

Canada Drugs customer reviews

Canada Pharmacy Viagra

Viagra is a drug used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in adult men which is sold at an affordable price in Canada Pharmacy. The quality of the Viagra sold at the pharmacy is the same as the drug sold at local pharmacies which means that it will work perfectly to relieve men from ED complications.

Viagra is available in 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg doses and your doctor will prescribe the right dose for you according to the severity of your condition. This should be taken once a day and it should not be repeated even when the drug does not work. You should wait until twenty four-hours are over to take another dose to avoid the occurrence of drug reactions resulting from an overdose.

There are generic forms of Viagra sold at Canada Pharmacy which are as effective as the brand drug but costs much less. You can ask your doctor to prescribe a generic form of Viagra instead of the brand drug so that you will save more on the cost of erectile dysfunction medication.

The price of Viagra at Canada Pharmacy will depend on the quantity purchased with those who buy less paying more while those buying larger quantities will pay less for the same drugs. 8 viagra pills will be sold at $149, while a person buying 24 pills will pay $239 as shown in the table below:

Price of Viagra at Canada Pharmacy

Price of Viagra at Canada Pharmacy

Canada Pharmacy Reviews Consumer Report

The consumer report from customers who have used drugs purchased from the pharmacy has proved that the drugs are effective in treating various health complications. They are also glad that the prices of these drugs are quite low compared to the prices of similar drugs in other countries like the US. This ensures that customers pay less for their medication and those who suffer from terminal illness and have to take drugs every day have found relief in this.

Consumers have also testified of the simplified process of placing orders where you will just log in, search if the drug is in stock, and if it is, you will click on it and add to your cart. You will then follow the simplified process of paying for the drugs in your cart and once the payment has been verified, you will receive the drugs in a few weeks due to delays in the shipping process. You can also place orders with the pharmacy via mail, fax or even calling the customer service staff during the working hours.

All the consumers who have purchased from the pharmacy love the way the customer service at the pharmacy address to all their concerns promptly without having to wait for long on the phone. They also ensure that all emails are responded to within twenty-four hours after submission. For those who need help with orders, the team at the pharmacy is always ready to help.

The reviews from customers who have been buying from the pharmacy have remained positive through the years as the quality of the services offered remains constant. Every time you want to place an order, the same courteous customer service team will be of service and you will still get original medication that will provide relief from the complication you are suffering from.

The only problem that has persisted through the years is the delay in the delivery of drugs and customers only wish that there could be another way that the drugs would get to them faster.


Canada Pharmacy has been consistent in delivering high-quality medication to their customers and ensuring that anyone who calls on them for any issue is assisted. The prices of prescription drugs are quite low to ensure that everyone will afford them. Always keep watch when buying drugs online to avoid buying fake drugs from rogue pharmacies. To get directions when choosing an online pharmacy to buy from, check out our list of Top Online Pharmacies and choose a reliable pharmacy to buy drugs from.

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