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Canada Drug was an online pharmaceutical vendor approved by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). The company website asserted that it assists buyers by linking them with licensed Pharmacies in Canada that only supply high-quality medications. This website offered popular Generic medications at a very low cost – buyers may save as much as 90% on purchasing medications from this website. The company website also assured customers of safety of their private or personal data as well as any medical information that is inputted by a buyer on the site and claims that with a few days after an order is placed, medications are delivered directly to the address stated by the buyer during checkout, ensuring that no medication distributed is subject to loss or damage.

The website, is currently not accessible to the public and some suggest that this Generic pharmaceutical distributor may have moved to another domain. While the website was still functional, however, buyers could purchase a variety of Generic medications, especially those used to treat Erectile dysfunction such as Generic Viagra, Generic Cialis super force ( Tadalafil + Dapoxetine) and even Generic Levitra. Drugs like antibiotics and those specifically for women were also available on the website. The website contained limited information on whether or not these drugs had the approval of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Since the invention of online marketplace and as online drug vendor websites began to be established, it is important for buyers to know how efficient an online pharmaceutical website is, how efficient its services are, how its operations are carried out, what fees are charged for shipping and billing as well as the efficiency of its customer service. For Canada Drug, there is no concrete detail about when products are shipped out as well as its delivery method. Buyers with questions and complaints had the option to speak to customer care agents by filling a form on the contact page or calling them on the given telephone line. Promo Code

Promo codes, also referred to as coupon codes are incentives created by businesses, in this case, the pharmaceutical industry to get loyal clients and increased patronage. These promo codes are created to draw the attention of prospective customers by offering reasonable discounts when they purchase medications from their website. is not left out in this regard as it aims to reduce possible competition as the online pharmaceutical industry is slowly becoming jam-packed.

One of such promo codes is shown in the screenshot above and buyers may use this code to get a discount offer by just inputting the code at the checkout page. This code when used offers customers a discount of $10 on the total amount of drugs purchased from Canada drug Another of such promo codes is the “tell a friend and get a discount” offer where buyers could get discounts by simply referring a new customer and a reference code is given for use during checkout.

There are also numerous codes that are available online that buyers may use to get free shipping when an order is placed, enabling them to save cash as well. While these promo codes are not made known on the website, they can easily be gotten from reliable coupon sites free of charge. Prospective buyers who want to save cash when purchasing online should ensure that proper search is made to find out latest promo codes that may do just that. Reviews vs Complaints

Customer reviews by real individuals are the best possible method to describe how efficient a pharmaceutical vendor website is and this applies to Canada Drug as well. Online customer reviews for this pharmaceutical vendor website was mixed. While some were satisfied with the user experience and shipping time, the majority of the user reviews were not positive. Some of the comments by some customers are shown in the screenshots below.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Lynn, a verified buyer comments that everything about was great including the customer service, however, she was not too satisfied with the shipping of products. She also mentioned that it is highly likely that she would recommend this product to a friend. Cindy, another verified buyer from Springfield, Missouri, appreciated that this website maintained the low cost and still delivered high-quality medications to buyers. She was very satisfied with the overall customer experience and shipping services.

Not all reviews about were positive. Karintyra1, who placed an order using this website was not too pleased that for three weeks and counting since she placed the order, she got no response about the order. She was completely irritated with the poor customer service and concluded by warning others not to purchase medications from this website.


Canada Drug was an online pharmaceutical vendor that aimed to give to the public cheap but high-quality medications for treatment of a variety of health problems, however, for some unknown reasons, this website is no longer accessible to the public and even while it was still functional, there was limited information about the website including where it is located and when it was formed even though it is approved by the Canada International Pharmacy Association.

While the website was operational and buyers could actually make a purchase, coupon codes are available to enable buyers purchase medications at a cheaper rate. These coupon or promo codes enabled buyers to get a discount from set prices of drugs and even free shipping in some cases by simply entering the code during checkout after placing an order.

Prospective buyers still need to exercise caution when making purchases online, especially when it comes to medications. While the Canada Drug was approved by CIPA, most online pharmaceutical vendors are not licensed and end up selling medication that is not approved by the FDA to the public. There are, however, legitimate online pharmaceutical vendor websites where buyers can purchase medications safely. We have compiled a list of top recommended online pharmacies that sell only legitimate and approved drugs.

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