Buying Adderall Online Without Prescription: Finding a Genuine Adderall Online

Buying Adderall Online Without Prescription

Adderall is a medication indicated for the treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD. It is also used to treat narcolepsy. The effect of Adderall is increased concentration as it soothes the central nervous system. It also helps the user relax and sleeps hence it is used by people with narcolepsy. Narcolepsy is the inability to sleep. Adderall is also known to affect our brain cells responsible for our impulse control.

There are two types of Adderall – Adderall IR and Adderall XR. Both medicines are the same in content and active ingredient. They only differ in packaging and effect. The effect of Adderall IR is up to 6 hours while the effect of Adderall XR is up to 12 hours. Adderall IR has immediate release effect while Adderall XR has 50% release effect. Adderall IR was also the first one to be approved by the FDA back in 1996. The newer version, Adderall XR, was approved in 2001.

Adderall is a prescription medicine. Because one of its effects is to increase concentration and focus, athletes and students who need to focus and concentrate are taking it carelessly. This is the reason why this medicine is one of the most prohibited prescription drugs – its risk of being abused is high.

Adderall is taken orally. It can be taken on an empty stomach as long as you won’t experience having an upset stomach. In case of developing an upset stomach, have a light meal before taking your Adderall dose. Adderall is commonly prescribed three times a day or one tablet every 6 hours.

No Prescription Adderall

Because of its high risks of being abused, Adderall is not an easy drug to find. Most online pharmacies are not offering it. For some online pharmacies that offer it, the price is almost the same with local pharmacies – it is still pricey.

If your need for Adderall is strong though and you don’t have a prescription, a few research can lead you to some black market websites. Adderall forums are rich with these kinds of websites. With the use of Adderall forums and help from Adderall users, you can easily find a reliable e-store that can give you Adderall without a prescription. There are risks associated with this though. For one, forums are full of posers too – people who are looking for people to victimize. Always be vigilant when dealing online, regardless if it is an online pharmacy or an individual claiming to have access to the medicine you need.

Ordering Adderall Online, Safe and Cheap

The best way to order Adderall online is to order it from reliable and trustworthy online pharmacies

The best way to order Adderall online is to order it from reliable and trustworthy online pharmacies. These pharmacies are tied up to known local drugstores such as Watson, CVS or Walgreens. Of course, these pharmacies require a prescription before dispensing Adderall. The price of Adderall from these e-stores are also the same with their local pharmacies- hence it is expensive.

If you are looking for cheap and effective Adderall product online, you can also check out some of our trusted Canadian online pharmacies. You can check our list of recommended online pharmacies if any of them offer Adderall.

For safe and effective medication though, we would highly recommend checking with a doctor first before taking Adderall. You might just want to enjoy the effect of Adderall on your brain and concentration but it might harm some of your bodily functions too. This medicine is highly addictive and because of its positive effect on concentration and focus, some students, at a young age, are using it without knowing its potential side effects. Some of the side effects associated with Adderall use are headaches, inability to sleep for nights, feeling nauseous, vomiting, gaining and losing weight for no reasons, and losing appetite. If you want to order Adderall online, make sure to deal with legit online pharmacy only.

What You Need to Know Before Using Adderall

Buying Adderall without prescription is hard, but not impossible

Buying Adderall without prescription is hard, but not impossible. It means that you can still get this medicine even if you no longer have a valid prescription. Before spending some time looking for a legit internet drugstore that can give you Adderall without a prescription, here are the things that you should know about Adderall.

  • Adderall can make you feel good, making it a high-risk prescription medicine for abuse
  • The percentage of adults getting a prescription for ADHD is increasing for some reasons, this is because of increasing dependence on Adderall even when it is no longer needed
  • Stimulant overdosage such as from Adderall has increased in the last 10 years
  • Taking Adderall and alcohol together can increase the risk of heart problems
  • Adderall can cause sudden death when misused
  • Stimulant abuse like with Adderall can cause mental illness development
  • Taking Adderall without a doctor’s valid prescription is considered as an addiction
  • Taking Adderall in college to increase memory and concentration function is actually cheating

Even if you can have access to Adderall, consider your safety first after and its long-term effect. This is not a medicine to be used if you do not have ADHD or narcolepsy.


Buying Adderall online without a prescription has its advantages and disadvantages. It is advantageous for people who need it for personal use even if they don’t need it medically speaking. However, the disadvantage is that they are facing risks that they are aware and yet they choose to ignore because of the short-term benefit it gives. If you are looking for an Adderall online to test its effect, always remember that the risks of using it without a prescription outweigh its benefits. For safer medication, always seek a doctor’s approval. For safer online shopping, always use legit online pharmacies only.

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