American Rx Smart Shop: Is This Merchant Genuine?

American Rx Smart Shop

American Rx Smart shop is a store that offers a variety of products in the health and beauty niche. This store usually uses giant marketplace in order to sell their products. An example of the marketplaces where American Rx Smart Shop usually offers their products to their users include,, and According to Walmart, American Rx Smart Shop has been selling their products in the Walmart marketplace since the year 2006. This means that they have been doing business using the Walmart platform for over a decade now.

According to their page on, the merchant claims to sell health and beauty products, Kids and baby needs, vitamins and minerals. They claim that they are committed to providing consumers with products at low prices. This seller claims that they have already gained the trust of over 470,000 customers.

Believing what a company says on their business website can be the fastest way to falling into a trap. Scam stores are everywhere. These are always looking for ways in which they can trick their unsuspecting customers and hence steal from them. You cannot differentiate a scam store from a real store by just trusting what they have on their business page. The best way to do that is by reading reviews.

Americarx Smart Shop Reviews

We searched the web in order to try and find reviews from people who have already had their experience with the American Rx Smart Shop. Although the words on all their business websites were carefully crafted in such a way that they would trigger a new shopper into trusting them, old shoppers who had had an experience with the store seemed to have had a completely different experience with what the store promises. The following are their reviews:

American Rx Smart Shop Reviews

American Rx Smart Shop Reviews

Bonita begins by warning everyone not to buy anything from American Rx Smart Shop. After placing his order and receiving the product, he found that it was not properly packaged and they were leaking. American Rx Smart Shop was selling on Amazon. However, they lacked even a phone number so that he could talk to someone. All he wanted was a replacement. He says that all he could see regarding the company was bad reviews.

Anna says that the company had to change its name due to bad reviews. She says that it is a scam. They gave her the wrong tracking number. Anita reports that the company does not even have a distinct name. She tells everyone to stay away from American Rx Smart Shop.

American Rx Smart Shop User Complaints

American Rx Smart Shop User Complaints

Denny says that American Rx Smart Shop shipped his order to New York while he lives in Texas. The merchant did not get back to him or even give him a refund.

Amelia Johnston says that American Rx Smart Shop is the worst company she had ever dealt with on Amazon. She says that she ordered a product but only ended up receiving a package for the product with nothing inside. She emailed them and even sent them photos. However, the company just told her to back off. She was forced to file a claim with Amazon in order to get her money back. Amelia says that she had never dealt with such a dishonest and deceptive company. She finalizes her review by saying the company is made up of crooks and that they are dishonest criminals. She says she will never order from them again.

The above reviewers show that American Rx Smart Shop cannot be trusted. They all have given this company a 1-star rating which indicates that they are very angry. The company either shipped bad products or nothing at all. They have the worst customer care support.

If you are looking for a store to buy genuine health products and drugs, these are available online. However, finding them can be really hard. For this reason, we have used our time to investigate online stores. All the stores that we have determined to be genuine are available on our top-rated list.


My OTC Store is the new name that American Rx Smart Shop changed to. According to the reviews above, a reviewer has stated that they changed their name after having too many bad reviews. The following is their new store under the new name:

My OTC Store Home Page

My OTC Store Home Page

According to their new website, the offer nutrition products, OTC (Over The Counter) medications, Skin and beauty products, Baby care products, Household products, sexual health products and more. Even though they have changed their name, it does not mean that they are any different. This means that ordering from My OTC Store is still not recommended. To prove this, here is a review from someone who has ordered from My OTC store:

My OTC Store Review (source: https://www

My OTC Store Review (source:

Kim bought a product from Walmart for $5.99 to be ordered from My OTC store. He was charged on 30th December. He received an email which contained a tracking number. He says that by January 21st he had not received anything. The tracking number turned out to be invalid. He tried contacting the store but he never received any help. He had to dispute his charges at the bank.

The above review shows that My OTC store is still not a good place to order your health products. However, we have all the stores that sell and deliver genuine products in our top-rated catalog. The stores have been proven to be genuine. They offer great services.

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American Rx Smart Shop is a company that utilizes big marketplaces available on the internet to sell their products. However, this is a store that cannot be trusted. This has been verified by the reviews above. They will either ship nothing at all, ship faulty products, or ship to the wrong location. The customer service is very bad. For this reason, we advise you not to order from them. Instead, in order to receive the best health products, consider ordering from one of the stores available in our top-rated catalog.

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