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Adv-Care Pharmacy is an online pharmacy that started in late 2000. That same year, this online drug store obtained accreditation licensing from the Ontario College Of Pharmacists. Since then Adv-Care Pharmacy claims to have been solely concerned with not only providing convenience but privacy to patients who purchase from the website so that they can place an order for medications and be confident of receiving it no matter their location. This online pharmacy also claims to be the first to publish Canadian prescription and over the counter prices online so that buyers can make an effective comparison of prices from the comfort of their homes thus eliminating the need to visit different local retail pharmacies for the same purpose.

This pharmacy provides buyers access to prescription and specialty drugs and promises prospective buyers confidential and secure private transactions for any personal information used on the website. There is a virtual pharmacist associated with this online drugstore to whom patients can directly speak with on matters concerning medications. Information with regards to previous purchases made by a customer is stored on the website to ensure easy reordering for already registered patients while new patients are allowed to place an order for a prescription drug online at any time – a service they claim is only provided by them to ensure customers get the best services.

Customers who purchase medications from this online pharmacy and are not satisfied with the services rendered are advised to speak with the customer service manager or the Pharmacy manager and patients are assured that all complaints will be addressed and resolved within five business days. This online pharmacy also offers counselling for all prescription and over the counter orders. Customers refill orders are usually delivered within 5 to 10 days while new orders could take 10 to 15 days to be delivered. Customers are also guaranteed that shipped packages are monitored to ensure all orders are delivered within the specified time and will only reship a medication if it is discovered that a shipped package is lost. Reviews

One customer who has used Adv-Care Pharmacy website said he searched carefully for a reliable online Canadian Pharmacy that sold the medication he was taking previously that was no longer available in the United States.

Advpharmacy Reviews

He commented that Adv-Care Pharmacy is a real pharmacy that has a real address and that the standards of this online pharmacy were similar to pharmacies in the United States. He commended the way the employees of this online pharmacy treated him and was quite pleased with the quick delivery. He was full of thanks and appreciated the services rendered.

Advpharmacy Customer Feedback

Another customer with the username aewolff said the main reason why he chose Adv-Care Pharmacy was because he trusted the origin of the medications sold on the website and that the delivery time was very fast. He also noted that the ordering process was not complex and he was comfortable with the prices of the drugs sold. He said that unlike many online Canadian Pharmacies that claim to sell drugs made in Canada while actually shipping them from other countries, Adv-Care Pharmacy ships medications from Canada. He concluded by saying this online pharmacy offered him the best of services and that he gets more than he pays for “in service and peace of mind”

Another customer was happy and expressed full confidence in Adv-Care Pharmacy. This customer was pleased with the customer care service and comments that they always answered the phone and were able to provide answers to any questions and complaints. The buyer expressed thanks to Ann, a customer service representative who helped with the entire ordering process. The delivery service according to this customer was amazingly fast and the wonderful experience this customer had made him recommend this online Canadian Pharmacy to others.

Adv-Care Pharmacy INC – Canadian Specialty Pharmacies

Adv-Care Pharmacy is among the specialty pharmacies available online that sell medications to patients with special drug needs. They basically provide access to drugs used to treat complex diseases like Cancer, HIV, anemia among others. Adv Care Pharmacy has a section on its website dedicated to top specialty drugs like Jakavi, Afinitor, Zytiga, Harvoni and Xtand. It claims to efficiently deliver medications that require specialized handling and storage requirements and it seems the counselling program offered by this online pharmacy may extend to patients who use specialty drugs.

To purchase specialty drugs from Adv-Care Pharmacy one of the requirements that are boldly stated on the website that must be met by patients is the provision of a legal and original prescription. These prescriptions are usually gotten directly from the physician. The prices of these specialty drugs are on the high side. For example, Harvoni 90mg/400mg costs 28141.48 USD for a pack containing 28 tablets. While there were no available discount codes that could be applied to purchase specialty drugs on the website, it seems the prices are already discounted.


Adv-Care Pharmacy is an online Canadian Pharmacy that is approved by the Ontario College Of Pharmacists (OCP) and has a variety of brand name prescription and nonprescription medications. Specialty medications can also be found on the website of this pharmaceutical vendor for those with special drug needs. Customer reviews available on Pharmacy Checker and other third-party websites suggest that this online pharmacy is reliable and dependable in terms of good customer care service, reasonable prices and quick delivery of medications to buyers.

Reliable Online Canadian Pharmacies are becoming increasingly difficult to locate as rogue online pharmacies are inventing new ways to trick customers to purchase low-quality drugs. Prospective buyers who are constantly in search of reliable online Canadian Pharmacies do well to go through our detailed list of top recommended online pharmacies that sell genuine prescription, nonprescription and even specialty drugs.

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